Dear Sir, The simple solution to ending the grave situation in Iraq as offered by George Scott (yesterday's Bulletin, P8 entitled Dealing with Saddam) reminded me of the Alec Guinness film “The Mouse that roared” i.e an extremely sensible one unlikely to be adopted by the mighty powers. I sincerely hope he sends his article via e–mail to the Whitehouse, Al Jazeera etc. You never know, the mouse may roar again. During the Afghan war, I sent a similar suggestion, ie leaflet dropping. To my surprise, ten days later the US were dropping leaflets. A coincidence, no doubt but... from little acorns. My own comment on solutions is: There are several solutions to every problem, the ETHICAL, the PRACTICAL, the FINANCIAL, the POLITICAL, the PHYSICAL and the HYPOCRITICAL. The last named is the most frequently adopted by the Church, politicians and most of the Human race. The ethical, on the other hand is the most widely preached and rarely practised, While the Financial is never preached, except by the Americans, who practise it under the guise of the ethical. The physical or sexual solution is practised and enjoyed by almost everyone, which would appear to make it the most practical.

Helen Courtney Lewis