THOUSANDS of school children took to the streets across Majorca yesterday as part of a rally calling for non-violence and peace. A fantastic idea which I fully support but how many six year olds know who George Bush and Saddam Hussein are? Very few I should think. Then why is it that many young children were carrying banners attacking George Bush and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar? When asked by reporters the children said that “George W. Bush was a bad man.” How things have changed. It's amazing the grasp young tots have of international affairs these days and of course they have full knowledge of the ins and outs of the Iraq crisis and are familiar with all the United Nations resolutions. They have studied the Blix report and have come to the conclusion that George Bush is a bad man. I must congratulate the Spanish education authorities, when I was six the only thing I was worried about was if the Secret Seven would find the whereabouts of the hidden treasure. We all want peace even George Bush. By making yesterday's rally into an anti-Iraq war march all those present were making a political statement. This march is usually a fun and innocent affair. Children from across the island calling for non-violence and peace on earth. Let's not get children involved in politics at such a young age. They have plenty of time to learn about the more sinister sides of modern life. Let's keep politics out of the classroom please.

Jason Moore