By Jason Moore

THE mother of all parliaments won praise in yesterday's Spanish media for being a forum for democracy. You don't often read too much which is upbeat about Britain in the Spanish media but it appears that we should be provide of our parliament. The reason is that during the now famous debate on Iraq 120 Labour MPs voted against the government-line. Spain had its own parliamentary debate on Iraq on Tuesday and Prime Minister Aznar won because all his MPs voted with the government. The opposition voted against but because Aznar has a majority, he won. What I find amazing is how all Spanish MPs followed party-lines, the Partido Popular voted for, the Socialists voted against. Not a single MP crossed the line. An incredible state of affairs when you consider that public opinion is so divided in Spain. It doesn't say much for democracy. In other words as long as you've got a majority you win. Simple. But back in Britain parliamentary democracy is alive and well, according to the Spanish media. British MPs voted for what they believe in, it appears. I think what happened in London is a more healthy state of affairs and it does give you some faith in politicians. In Spain, MPs either do what they are told or completely support their parties stance. Not a very refreshing state of affairs. It is obvious that people are losing faith in parliamentary democracy, after seeing the vote in Spain I am not surprised.