Dear Sir,

Ms Anne Kay's recent article Anne's Arguments on the forthcoming elections in general and Calvia in particular, it does make sense, especially in an area with a high foreign residency, to have the odd “voice” on a council from a non-Spanish representative. However, great thought and care should be taken when considering where to place one's vote, not to just vote PP because you always voted conservative when in your homeland, or conversely PSOE as you were always a socialist follower. The most important thing with a local election is the candidate(s). Have they had previous real experience in politics, worked in local government, ie will they be able to contribute in a professional, capable way? Trust is an important factor. In the words of a famous US president in the past: “would you even buy a second hand car from him...” (or her for that matter). So, it is a must to look carefully at the candidate's track record, and if in doubt, and not finding another that attracts you, better than give away your vote blindly, better to not vote at all. Ms Kay's reference to the on-going conflict between potential candidates for the City of Palma within the PP party is not just new participants versus established politicians in the current ruling PP council, but rather the nominated leader Catalina Cirer realising that the track record of the Partido Popular during the past years of running Palma is not the best, and she will have enough of a battle to win, without carrying any of the “old guard” with her. This in itself is a condemnation by the Partido Popular of its past operations, beyond any criticism the opposition may make.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Phillips