Dear Sir,

It is amazing how politicans, despite being voted out of power, manage to be reinstated, at least in a sideways move, or even upwards, and particularly we see this with the PP (right wing Partido Popular). First there was (Jaume) Matas who lost his presidency of the Baleares at the last elections, but was then appointed as a minister in the main government in Madrid. Despite subsequent scandals and allegations of vote rigging at those elections, and the dismal showing as the Environment Minister through the “Prestige” oil disaster off the Galician coast, he still maintains his position and will probably run in the forthcoming elections as candidate for President of the PP. Then the recent appointment to another government post for Ramis, the ousted PP Mayor of Alcudia, memorable for the cementing of the Port of Alcudia, taking away whatever charm it had, no doubt contributing to his being voted out of office. Finally, we now see the argument between candidates for the PP as mayor of Palma Sra Catalina Cirer and the current deputy mayor of the PP Rodriguez, being resolved by him agreeing not to join her team. And, guess what? taking a government post instead! Footnote on politics and all things political. What on earth is the governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, doing in Spain? Apart from dropping verbal clangers, only to be expected when one considers who his brother is, why does he fly to Spain to have talks with Aznar on Spanish investment/promotion of tourism in Florida? Is there no end to the inducements being offered by George W Bush to get support for his attack on Iraq? Billions of dollars to Turkey, the list goes on and on.

Yours sincerely

Graham Phillips