Dear Sir,

IN reply to Mr. Cowen's letter of the 19th I am surprised that, (as he stated) having been bombed out of three homes in WWII, he does not remember that it was the weak, pacifist attitude (that he is currently demonstrating) in the 30s that allowed Hitler to re–arm and wage a devastating war against other democracies. Make no mistake, Hussein is just as evil as Hitler but the war machine has developed and moved on and now no–one is safe in any country whilst megalomaniacs are allowed to rule anywhere in the world. As regards his comments on democracy, surely a mob in the street (demonstrating about anything) is merely 'a mob in the street' and not democracy. Whilst on the matter of the demonstrations, there were plenty of placards against Bush and Blair but where were the ones urging the true aggressor, Hussein, to stop torture, rape, mass murder, genocide and invasions of other states? If the 'hawks' organised a rally with more people in the street than the 'doves' could muster would Mr. Cowen back down and concede that democracy has been seen to be exercised? I think not! Like Churchill, Blair will have to go to parliament (the UK form of democracy) for a final sanction to go to war and I urge Mr Cowen to exercise his democratic right and to write to his MP to let his feelings known. The UK may be many things but a dictatorship, as Mr Cowen describes it as, it is not! If Mr Cowen was an Iraqi and made it known that he strongly disagreed with Hussein and his cronies he would certainly be taught what a dictatorship really is– it would likely be literally the last and painful lesson he ever received!

John Rule

Sol de Mallorca