Dear Sir,

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am under the impression that when a local council is elected it is elected to represent, and BE ACCOUNTABLE TO, the electorate/taxpayer as a whole, regardless of political party. (After all the taxpayers money that is paid/entrusted to the council is to be used for the benefit of all.) How is it then that the encumbent Calvia council feel it has the right to go on borrowing/spending taxpayers money at such an alarming rate? 30 euros per family with 2 children under 18 years of age -to have a meal (first reported to be given upon application, now being sent out regardless by post!) 550'000 euros for a fiesta to open yet another part of Passeig Calvia. (How much money in total one wonders has been spent on such fiestas everytime a new stretch of walkway is opened.) AS TAXPAYERS WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW. As of May, 2002, Calvia council's debt was 108'000'000'000 euros (ie 17'969'688'000'000 pesetas) with interest running at 60'000 euros per day. It would be interesting to know what it is now. After all, as we (taxpayers) will be liable/called upon to repay this debt, WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW.

M. Irving

Portals Nous