By Jason Moore

TONY Blair is allegedly fighting for his political life but has anybody seen any clear sign of a revolt amongst his own MPs? We have all heard that they are not happy over Blair's stance on Iraq and have been threatening a rebellion since last autumn. So where's the rebellion? Apart from Glenda Jackson and Mo Mowlam and a couple of the usual suspects I have yet to see an MP openly question Blair's policy on Iraq. They may be doing it amongst themselves but there is no real sign of a major bankbench revolt with MPs openly criticising Blair and taking him to task. An estimated two million people took to the streets of London last week but still the so-called rebellious MPs just sit back and tow the party-line. No wonder the British public have lost faith in politics and democracy. The Labour Party was clearly told after their victory in the last general election that they must start listening to the public. They are still not listening. The Conservatives are not blameless in this awful anti-democratic meltdown but I leave my real criticism for the Labour backbencers. Just what are they doing? Their constituents have made it clear, we don't want war on Iraq. The Prime Minister appears to want war and it is a sad state of affairs when elected MPs choose to tow the party line when the country is in revolt against government policy. In the same manner as footballers are often questioned over their allegiance to their club or country I question the allegiance of Labour MPs, country or party. The country doesn't want war, the party leadership does. So come on which is more important the wishes of the electorate or the wishes of the party. An absolute disgrace. Glenda Jackson said I am not ashamed of my party only my cabinet. Well I'm ashamed of the whole bunch of you and so is a sizeable part of the electorate.