OVER the weekend we asked readers of our internet edition, (www.majorcadailybulletin.es) in Britain if they thought, as a result of the economic slowdown and world instability, if it was a good time to scrap or postpone the controversial tourist tax levied on all people staying in hotels. Here are just some of their thoughts.

Dear Sir,

Yes please get the tax scrapped my wife and I have just had a lovely week on your scenic island and having paid the tax on arrival at the hotel felt this was a bit much and I'm sure many others will feel the same and look elsewhere for future holidays. We saw no evidence or sites that are scrubland in and around Palma Nova that have been cleaned up. They are all covered in plastic bottles etc etc.

Also dog fouling on some of the sidewalks, there are heavy fines in the UK now for this. We hope you can get this tax abolished so we can revisit in the future such a pity for a lovely group of Islands.

John Dover,


Dear Sir,

AS a frequent visitor to the Balearics, especially Minorca, I am not against paying towards the upkeep of these beautiful islands but when you have to pay it two and three times a year and per person per night, it does start to leave a bitter taste. I think it is an added expense for families and people may not budget for it in the price of their holiday. Since the Euro was installed, prices have risen generally and the tax on top makes people think twice before they book. As times are getting harder for us all, I think this tax should be put on hold.

Carole Bennett