Dear Sir,

Ref: “Viewpoint”

YOUR request for political parties to outline their programmes before next Wednesday, this I feel could be a somewhat optimistic request, as with the voting public's generally short attention span (a week is a long time in politics), a prepared “avalanche” four weeks before the election is more likely. For the many British residents (and other non-Spanish eligibles) planning to vote in the municipal elections, unless being fluent in Spanish, will miss the main political rallies, discussions, etc and anyway, as per the famous expression “a political promise is as false as a whore's smile” much of what is said can be immediately discounted and the small remainder studied with care. Better rather, to look at the currently in power party, ask yourself if during the last four years, all things considered, it not being a perfect world, etc “Have they done a reasonable job?” If the answer is yes then better to stay with those with a proven track record, a new broom does not always necessarily sweep clean. However, if in doubt, or not well informed on what each political party stands for/proposes for your area, and most importantly really trusting the individual candidates, better to enjoy election day on the beach. Better no vote is given that misdirected. Leave it up to others who have really investigated, checked and have some idea of what is pertinent to the area you live in. A vote is valuable, so should be given with care.

Yours sincerely
Graham Phillips