By Jason Moore

JUST how many British residents are there in Majorca? I ask this question because I am baffled. On Sunday we published a report in the Bulletinfrom the government which suggested that there were just over 12'000 British residents, registered with their councils so in other-words these are people who can go on the electoral roll. Now, speaking bluntly 12'000 people is not alot and basically, compared to the more than 500'000 people (Spanish nationals) who are eligible to vote its just a drop in the ocean. But all last week we were publishing “official” figures which suggested that the size of the community was enormous. Its not really, infact its quite small and hasn't really changed since the last local elections four years. In other-words there are about 30'000 non-Spanish European Union residents here. Lets not get carried away. I think the figures above put the issue in perspective. Like everything it is quite normal for people/businesses/organisations to try and inflate the figures but we mustn't loose sight of reality.


Well I didn't walk into work this morning and find information from the local political parties on why I should vote for them. As readers of this column in other Sunday/Monday edition will have discovered I have mounted a small election challenge and the various parties have until Wednesday to put their cause. I did, however, receive plenty of calls from fellow non-Spanish Europeans who like me feel that we have been ignored for the last three years. The deadline is tomorrow night and I am sure that our political parties are capable of telling me what they want to do if they are returned to elected to office.