By Jason Moore I see that Majorca is already suffering its very own rail crisis. Eventhough I have always believed that it is exceptionally unlikely that people will leave their cars at home and catch public transport, it appears that the small numbers who are taking the train are not impressed and are considering a return to other types of transport. The trains are not running on time and there are frequent delays. The environmental group, GOB, the champion of the railways, is concerned that unless the railways are put on the right track then there will be a passenger exodus. You must also remember that the new Balearic government is set to embark on a major road building programme which will further reduce passengers numbers on the train. The railway system, like many proposals, introduced by the last coalition administration, was a nice idea but lacked proper planning. Once the new motorways are built just what is going to happen to the now extensive railway network? Will it just be left to rot as a monument to the last administration? I probably think so. The railway in Majorca is looked upon as a rather quaint idea basically designed for people who can't drive and holidaymakers. I would encourage the new government to try and resolve the train crisis in Majorca but they will probably discover, like they have done in Britain, that it will cost many millions of euros to get it right. There is a need for a decent public transport network but there is also the need to win the hearts and minds of drivers. If people are not willing to abandon their cars then it is a waste of time pouring millions into a little used railway network.