Dear Sir, Mr. Lee of Calvia clearly in his assertion that the BBC and by inference Ray Fleming is anti–Semitic is nonsense. Primarily the Arabs ARE Semitic (Semite: A member of any of the peoples said to be descended from Shem or speaking a Semitic language, which includes Assyrian Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic). The BBC should refer to the Palestinian militants as freedom fighters; all they are trying to do is rid themselves of an occupying force whose regime operates a system of apartheid and disowns them of their land. The Zionist terrorists of half a century ago, along with their fifth columnists in the western, especially American, governments gained support for an illegal state in Palestine. Many people believe they have a right to this land, but under what premise? Because the bible states that Jehovah promised the Jews Israel? When someone talks to their god it is called praying, but if god talks back its called hallucination! I believe that the recent aggression against Iraq and its subsequent occupation is a direct result of Israeli meddling and misinformation in order to destabilise the Arab nations. That George Bush is a Texan, “born again christian” and has family, state and national fortunes in oil, only played into their hands. Saddam Hussein may well have been a brutish dictator, but he had a stable administration, with a set of laws which is the thing most people need in order to live a normal life. Now all they have is Wild West lawlessness where the only protection is your own gun, possession of which if discovered by the occupying forces will bring arrest or worse. Are the attackers of the American (and English) occupiers' terrorists, Saddam loyalists or just freedom fighters? We should not be there, and the Israeli state should not be in Palestine. The terms used above are deliberately emotive, and I use them only as a counter to those used by Mr Lee.

Charles Whitehead