By Jason Moore LAST week I had an informal chat with the organisers of Majorca's bid for the America's Cup. The island is on the shortlist as a possible venue for the prestigious sailing event. I came out of the meeting believing that if Majorca is successful it would become the undisputed sailing centre in the Mediterranean and it would create thousands of jobs, provide much wealth and income and underline the changing face of Majorca. It is almost like hosting the Olympics. An estimated 2'000 crew people and their families would spent two years on the island; a special village would be built to house them. I was impressed with Majorca's bid. This is not some rapildy put together plan basically designed as a PR stunt. This is a proper, well thought out bid with the organisers looking at every aspect in detail. In other words the old docks would be transformed into the America's Cup base with all maritime traffic moving to the Dique del Oeste. The Port Authority have given their full backing. Majorca has a golden opportunity and organisers have appealed for the help and support of everyone. This is an opportunity which is too good to miss. It would be the crowning moment in Majorca's long career as a holiday destination. It would also give greater push to the island's dream of attracting more five star hotel tourists to complement the island's existing loyal three star hotel holidaymakers. Majorca has a good chance of hitting the jackpot, so fingers crossed that we will be be successful.