By Jason Moore Afriend of Jeffrey Archer who lives on Majorca, told me when he was handed down his tough prison sentence that the disgraced peer would be back and he would probably write a bestseller about his prison experiences. I don't admire many things about Jeffrey Archer but I do admire his energy and his self belief. He will be back and he will be back in the limelight again. I have interviewed Archer at least three times on Majorca and I even had the “honour” of presenting him at a conference in Palma four years ago. There are many people who don't like Archer and they have good reason. I am no great fan but I do admit that he is a formidable force who has great charm and character. I think this rather sums up Archer the man. It was during the book fair in Palma. Archer was signing copies of his books at one of the stands. He was approached by a middle aged British couple. They asked if he would sign one of his books. He replied, “You're on holiday aren't you.” They replied yes. “I guessed you were on holiday because you've got red faces,” he replied in his forceful manner. The couple laughed and walked way. He had made their holiday even though he had been rather rude and unpleasant. But as far as this rather nice couple were concerned they had shared a joke with Lord Archer and I bet they are still recounting the story. I have drawn attention to this short story not because it shows Archer in a very good light but it does underline the fact that he has a certain appeal and he is the sort of person who everyone loves to hate but still enjoys super-star status.

Many people will say that Archer is back but I don't really think he went away and after seeing the photographs of his release yesterday he looked as determined as when I last saw him signing books on the Borne.