By Jason Moore AS you would expect with two different political parties there are two very different types of thought. The last socialist/nationalist local government believed in taxing tourists for coming on holiday here, the new local government believes that everything should be done to get tourists here in the first place and they are willing to spend large sums of money on promotion, such as signing-up Michael Douglas in a 4.4 million euro deal. Personally speaking I'm with the new lot. Tourism is our lifeblood and by having Michael Douglas aboard, even though expensive, still makes sense. However, my opinion is not shared by all. There is a school of thought in Majorca at the moment that the island has far too many holidaymakers and they should pay a small charge for coming here. No real promotion is needed because the Balearics, speak for themselves. These islands are a paradise and that is why we all live here. But the Balearic islands haven't got a god-given right which means that they will always be successful and can attract any type of tourism. Big spending holidaymakers need some incentive because after all they can go anywhere in the world. I have read plenty in recent days about the Michael Douglas issue. Yes, 4.4 million euros is a lot of money and Costa Nord is a bit of a white elephant and perhaps this money would have been better spent on other things. But at least this administration is making a real effort and trying to push the boat out. The last minister of tourism, Celesti Alomar, has criticised the Douglas deal and he gave a press conference on Thursday about the World Travel Market fair in London. Interesting to note that during his four years in power he went to London just once. His tax the tourist policy may have won him some friends in Majorca but part of the reason why the new Balearic government has been forced to go into overdrive is to repair some of the damage caused by his administration. It's easy to be criticial but in my book effort should be rewarded.