By Jason Moore WHAT a fantastic tradition the Christmas lottery is in Spain. Once again lady luck was shining on the Balearics with Capdepera taking a share of the main prize. Probably one of the best things is that unlike Britain where one winner scoops the majority of the prize money, in Spain it usually split over hundreds or even thousands of people. You can safely say that yesterday thousands of new millionaires were created...what a Christmas present. And once again unlike Britain there are always some real deserving winners such as in Capdepera, where the Parents Association of the local school scoop part of the main “El Gordo” prize. It would be argued that supporting gambling is not correct but in this case I think an exception can be made. The Christmas lottery is like the Grand National in Britain, everyone has a go. If and when Britain decides to change its lottery system it would be a good idea to copy Spain. Its a friendly and fun lottery with no real commercialism just winners and some losers. My only disappointment is that our number at the Bulletin didn't win! Perhaps next year.

Thank you
This will be my last Viewpoint before Christmas and therefore I would like to thank everyone for their support and wish them a very happy Christmas. It has been another great year for the Bulletin and once again I would like to thank our existing readers and give a warm welcome to all our new readers. I know I say this every year (which is a very healthy situation) but without you all our achievements this year would not have been possible.

Thank you very much indeed, having such a loyal group of readers makes our job far more rewarding. Happy Christmas.