By Jason Moore THE cracks have started to appear in the new European constitution even before the ink is dry. While we all know that Britain is eurosceptic it is interesting to see that even Spain has decided to hold a referendum on the constitution. In other words Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero, whose election slogan in the last European poll was “We love Europe” has decided to take his case to the country. Zapatero may love Europe but he is obviously not too convinced about the rest of the country who are beginning to fear that the Brussels cash pipeline will now move into Eastern Europe. The opposition Partido Popular, slogan Big in Europe, has slammed Zapatero on the constitution because Spain will lose voting powers. This was one of the reasons why the constitution was stalled. Zapatero is not taking a gamble he will win the referendum, due in about two years time, but it is quite interesting to see that even pro-European countries are having to take quite drastic action. Also, judging by the turn-out in the last European elections in Spain, (one of the lowest in the EU) Spain doesn't appear to be interested. What I think is fantastic about the whole process is that we will have an open and hopefully fair debate on Europe. I would really like to vote on the referendum and I hope that non-European Union expatriates in Spain will be able to do so. Whatever people may say this is a vote on Europe and the way we are going. To those people across the European Union who have sniggered at the British as being little islanders who are not European I would say just look at the number of referendums which have been called. I would add, also, that in the case of all the referendums a clear majority is needed not 49.5 percent to 50.5 percent. A clear mandate on Europe or think again.