BOTH Beckham and Sven-Goran Eriksson should be seriously considering their positions. It's no good asking them what they want to do, someone in authority needs to start taking some decisions.

Of course Sven doesn't want to quit, he gets paid a serious amount of money, but the Spanish and German coaches did the honorable thing while Italy have sacked theirs.

All the stuff I read about ‘heroics' and ‘bravery' in the papers, rubbish.
Against Portugal we got battered for 87 of the 90 minutes and simply didn't deserve to win. We only had 35 percent possession of the 120 minutes, it's pathetic, you can't win a game playing like that, not once did we string more than five passes together.

After Owen's goal, someone should have put their foot on the ball and England should have taken control of the game. But is was Portugal who did all the passing, right up until the very end.

The disallowed goal, I saw it and for most European refs that's a foul - there was still 30 minutes of the game remaining for us to have scored again.
I can't fathom out Sven's changes. I would have moved Scholes up when Rooney came off, but he put Vassel on and we were left with no link between the midfield and the two attackers, who spent the rest of the game running around trying to get the ball.

James kept trying to hit long headers for Beckham, but that wasn't happening either. I don't know why Gerrard, our best player of the tournament for me, was moved out of the middle before being taken off.

Sven's opposite number Scolari was pro-active all night, he used his subtitutes well and when Portugal won, he grabbed both a Brazilian and Portuguese flag. I can't see Sven ever doing that, there's no passion and I think he should consider resigning as far as I'm concerned. The flood of continental coaches to England is worrying me and we've got the talent for the England job, there's Hoddle, Curbishley and Sven's number two McLaren. I was at the press conferences this (yesterday) morning and Sven was not answering any of the questions about his tactics and game plan. Unlucky he said. The complete opposite. We were lucky to have kept getting out of jail all night.

Before the competition, Sven said that the England side was better, fitter and stronger than ever.
Well, he's had two cracks at the whip now and we've failed at both the World Cup and Euro 2004.
Throughout this tournament, we've been carrying too many players and Beckham, especially, did nothing.
Those who have watched him play week-in, week-out at Real Madrid will not be surprised. He's lost his form this year and has obviously got some serious issues to sort out, to a lesser extent so too has Owen who, despite the goal in the last game, did little across the tournament.

Beckham says he's tired, but his fellow teammate Zidane is not showing any signs of weariness, and that's the difference. Zidane is showing why he is world class, Beckham, has shown that he clearly is not.

I think his domestic problems and trying to live abroad have confused him and he's not surrounded by enough football people, he's surrounded by all the wrong people, the showbiz people. It's all proving too much for him and his football has suffered.

We all love David when we're winning, but we're not and he's going to get some stick over this latest disappointment.
And what we can not do is go into qualifying for the 2006 World Cup in Germany with the same players, captain and coach, if we do, it's going to be the same old nonsense and the same old story.

I would have Gerrard as captain and down the right, well we're not short of players. There's Cole, Dyer, Hargreaves and even Scholes. If the rest of the team is picked on form, so too should the captain, Beckham or not. We should have done much better, I still claim we could, and should, have gone on and won the competition.

Sadly, we're going to have to get back to basics.