By Jason Moore BE warned, a minor crime wave is hitting Majorca at the moment and I would advise all readers to be on their guard. Luckily, in Majorca for many years, we have managed to escape the crime-waves which have plagued the mainland and other European cities. But this is changing.

From organised gangs robbing villas in exclusive parts of the island, to bag snatches and to car and boat break-ins, Majorca is in the midst of a small plague at the moment. I have heard reports of bag and purse snatches at the airport and at the major super-markets. It is vital that all crimes are reported to police. I do get the impression that most victims of crime belive that it is pointless reporting a minor robbery. It is just a waste of time, they say. But it's not. If a crime is reported then police are obliged to investigate it, security guards will be more aware if they know that crimes have taken place. There is no quick solution. I still don't understand why police can't increase their patrols and have a greater visible presence. I still don't understand why the small army of traffic wardens can't be diverted to help in the war on crime and I don't really understand why the local authorities are not making crime their top priority. It is a sad state of affairs that thousands of home-owners are now having to install alarm systems and increase security.

The purpose of this column is to warn people to be on their guard. I don't want to give readers sleepless nights but I think it has to be said.
Majorca may be a paradise in the sun, but every paradise has its problems.