By Monitor POLICE launched a major hunt after a British youth was stabbed in Santa Ponsa; his parents told the Bulletin that he had been left for dead. The Theodore Roosevelt arrived in port, she was the first U.S. aircraft carrier to visit Palma for at least two years; the Bulletin attended a reception aboard in which U.S. Navy commanders heaped praise on the Spanish Navy and their Majorcan hosts. The Balearic government announced that they would be cracking down on the illegal renting of holiday homes in Majorca; the move was welcomed by local hoteliers who have long campaigned for action on this issue. The new Chairman of Conservatives Abroad, Ronald Gross, outlined his plans for the branch; a Bulletin report stated that guest speakers would include former cabinet ministers Tim Yeo MP and Steven Norris. Gross said that he also wanted to attract younger members to the branch. Freak weather was being forecast (as we discovered yesterday!); a Bulletin report said that a “touch of winter” would be felt across the Balearics over the weekend.

Quote of the week l “Different as we may be, we all want the same things, we all want freedom and peace. What we are doing allows these people to have their freedom.” U.S. Navy officer when asked about the Greenpeace protest against the U.S. Navy carrier in Palma.