I know it's hot, very hot, but that alone can't explain the hallucination that's bothering me just at the moment. I can't rid myself of the idea that David Cameron wants to succeed Tony Blair as leader of the Labour Party. I know it's nonsense but what else are we to think when Mr Cameron makes the almost identical speech to Mr Blair's famous “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime” oration of a decade ago, as he did yesterday? The Conservative leader varied it a bit by suggesting that young hoodies are hiding from people who might be nasty to them rather than from the security cameras. But essentially he said what Mr Blair said, that it is as important to understand why young people commit crimes as to ensure that they are treated appropriately when they do so. Labour has spent ten years trying to put legislative flesh on the bones of this idea but with only varying success. Mr Cameron did little more than identify the problem, although even doing that will worry quite a few Conservatives who think there are more important things to worry about. With the possible exception of Europe, on which he seems to have no policy, offhand I can't think of a single major policy he supports which would disqualify Mr Cameron should he apply for membership of the Labour Party. Gordon Brown will need to watch out. It is hot, isn't it?