Dear Sir,

I read with interest the letter sent in response to a previous one from Mr. Rule, by Dr. Renaudon Smith concerning Calvia property taxes (Daily Bulletin, Tuesday, 10th October.

I don't like to enter into polemics of a political nature, but the last paragraph in Dr. Renaudon Smith's letter clearly sets a political agenda.
We have been owners of an apartment (not a large and valuable property by local standards) and pay our property taxes by direct debit.
Total charges include refuse collection (water charges are paid by the community, but y/y comparisons do not show large differences).
In order to make comparisons using comparable periods, I have chosen the years 2000-2003 (corresponding to the megalomaniac spending by the PSOE - the Spanish Socialist Workers Party controlled council) against 2003-2006, (the elections having taken place in 2003).

The total increases during these periods in all council charges were:
2000 -2003 +22.6% 2003 -2006 + 1.01% These are percentage changes but the actual charges paid are available.
The Consell is not known for it's predilection for the PP (Partido Popular) controlled Calvia council, but that may be beside the point. I merely wanted to set the record straight by comparing my actual costs.

L. Spiro, Canterbury