by Monitor
AFTER many false starts Sudan agreed to the presence of an African Union/United Nations peacekeeping force in Darfur where at least 200'000 people have been killed since 2003; a UN Security Council resolution authorised the formation of the force...Russia laid a symbolic claim to a large part of the Arctic seabed by depositing a Russian flag directly under the North Pole...In Japan the Liberal Democrat Party lost control of the upper house of parliament in an election which humiliated the Prime miniser Shinzo Abe...Rupert Murdoch won his fight to take over Dow Jones, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, for $9bn...The British Army officially ended its role as a peacekeeper in Northern Ireland which had begun in 1969 when tension between the Catholic and Protestant communities was at its height.. British Airways was fined 270 million pounds by US and British authorities for conniving with Virgin Atlantic to fix the price of fuel surcharges paid by passengers.

Bulletin Headlines of the Week l SUNDAY/MONDAY: Majorca Reigns After British Floods (Late holiday bookings to the islands after the torrential rains in Britain). l TUESDAY: 100'000 Hit By Majorca Black-Out (A fire at an electricity sub-station in Calvia affected businesses and homes from Palma to Andraitx for several hours). l WEDNESDAY: Cash Offered To Power Cut Victims (GESA offered compensation to those affected financially by Tuesday's electricity cuts). l THURSDAY: Man Killed In Horror Crash (A lorry crossed the central reservation on the Paseo Maritimo and killed the driver of a car it hit). l FRIDAY: Balearics Set To Enter Americas Cup (A group of Spanish provinces is considering a joint entry at Valencia in 2009). l SATURDAY Liner's Visit To Palma Scrapped ( A planned visit to Palma by the liner Queen Elizabeth 2 because of the threat of a strike by tugboat crews).