Dear Sir, MY family have been coming to Majorca now for many years and for many sound reasons: good food, great hospitality, sunshine and a safe place to come to. However, there does appear to a shift in terms of safety especially in the square in the Port of Portals.

Last night my family were witness to some very unsavoury behaviour by a group of teenagers expressing the very worst of England's Yob culture. My 13-year-old daughter was threatened with a “bottling” by an out of control 13 or 14-year-old boy egged on by around 20 others. When challenged to leave her alone, this boy simply kept saying he was going to sort her! Where were these children's parents, where were the security guards and or local police?

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a disaster waiting to happen in this Port. We have witnessed a change over the past five years and it is not change for the better.

Unsupervised teenagers literally dumped by parents for convenience whilst they eat and drink elsewhere are becoming a nuisance.
The situation must be addressed. Undoubtedly when children return to school next week or so the matter will be forgotten until the next holiday season.

Sadly on discussion this morning with local security managers, it appears that in Spain the authorities cannot do very much with youngsters under 18! I am proud to be British on one hand, and embarrassed on the other. Time for something to be done....whilst I am sure there are children from other nations out there too, it appears to me that it is predominantly English teenagers causing these problems.

Name and address supplied.
Dear Sir,

ENOUGH is enough. During the years I have been a customer of Al Campo supermarket I have been the victim of five thefts. Wallets stolen from my bag, articles taken from my shopping cart and even a dog stolen, I don't know how
This past week has been the most frightening.episode. I am an elderly disabled person and as such my car was parked in the space reserved for the “minus validos.” I got into my car which had been locked and started up the engine when a man in a car coming up to my left tried to attract my attention in an incomprehensible language. I thought he was asking if he could use my parking space It took me no more than 20 seconds to point to the minus valido sign and shake my head.

When I started up the engine, the door was still shut but my bag beside me had gone. I had heard and seen nothing.
I was able to show the Guardia Civil a photograph very similar to the man in the car. I am told that an accomplice is on his knees on the passenger side of the car, opens the door with lightening speed, steals the bag and then closes it again. But in the case that he is seen, they realize that I would not be able to chase them.

This disgraceful situation is possible, because Al Campo on the testimony of one of their “Guardia” Confessed to me that they only have one person on duty in he parking lot and only one CCTV camera.

In the meantime, I have lost all my documents, 315 Euros, new spectacles 250 euros, a new mobile phone, a leather wallet plus of course a leather bag.
Name and addres supplied.