THAT wonderful word “winter tourism” has started to appear again and I would like to applaud all those businesses which have decided to stay open in the resorts rather than taking the simple option of closing down for the winter. Majorca at the moment is at a watershed; it is no longer cheap (even more expensive for those Britons with pounds), winter tourism is in serious decline and the summer season has been poor as well. Now, apart from Spain being in recessions, its two major holiday markets Britain and Germany are going the same way. So the overall picture is looking pretty bleak. What is lacking at the moment is the vitality, skill and forward thinking which made this island what it is today, one of the world´s favourite holiday destinations. With some imagination, a bit of promotion, a few ideas and with the support of the tour operators, Majorca can attract winter tourists. Other Spanish competing resorts on the mainland don´t all close down in the winter so why should Majorca? Trying to get tourists to come to Majorca all year around should be one of the Balearic government´s priorities, and it is not just the government. Councils should also help out. Yes, times are hard but with a united front and some imagination they could be a lot better.