By Jason Moore WHY is it that after every major storm in Majorca there is always a blame-game. It appears that some people who should have known that a major storm was incoming didn´t. It is absolutely ridiculous. Anyone, who had seen a weather forecast this week would have known that bad weather was heading towards the island. We even splashed it on our front-page on Wednesday. So why is there this confusion about the weather forecast? The port authorities in Andratx appear to be coming under fire over the floating moorings which didn´t prove too resilent to bad weather. I saw one headline yesterday which suggested that the chief of police in Palma hadn´t been informed of the weather alert; (3.25p.m. everyday on Spanish TV and all channels there is a weather forecast).

The storm has proved once again that Majorca is not prepared for bad weather despite the fact that bad weather on Majorca at this time of the year is not unusual; infact there is even a name for it....Gota Fria or Cold Drop. So, over the coming months it would a good idea to clean out all the torrents on the island and make sure that the drains are working. Otherwise this time next year we will all be in the same boat (excuse the pun) once again.