By Jason Moore THE BBC should have done the sensible thing and sacked Jonathan Ross, rather than suspending him. It is evident that he is not popular and the BBC will continue to be hounded by the media until they finally decide to terminate his contract. Jonathan Ross, judging by what I read in the newspapers in not popular. He is overpaid and rather over-the-top. Anyone who has watched his Friday night programme will tell you that his recipe of rather over-the-top comedy and his interview technique has won him some fans but plenty of enemies. It is also a rather sad state of affairs when you have Jonathan Ross, fronting a TV chat show, a film programme and a radio show on a regular basis. Isn´t there anyone else. Now, the media are enjoying giving the BBC a good kicking. Is it deserved? Well, not really, the licence fee is always going to be unpopular perhaps the time has come for a re-think. Perhaps, a smaller licence fee and some sponsorship of programmes which is not direct advertising. One thing is clear, though, the BBC needs to get their act-together, sack Jonathan Ross and find some new talent and take a closer look at the licence. As long as it is fully maintained by the tax-payer, the BBC is always going to be in the firing line.