By Jason Moore THE world changed at 5a.m. local time yesterday, The United States, which has taken its fair share of blows over the last decade with some believing that the American dream had become a nightmare, was back on track. It was the tonic the western world needed after two months of economic misery. Barack Obama represents a fresh start for the United States and the western world.

He is exactly what is needed at the moment, a new leader with new ideas and new visions for the only super-power on earth. He faces a mammoth task; everywhere you look the United States and its western allies are in trouble with some believing that the U.S, was in terminal decline and would soon be replaced as the powerhouse of the world by China.

This new start couldn´t have been delivered by Hillary Clinton or John McCain. It needed a new man who comes to the White House after proving himself in two different elections; first Hillary and then McCain. The United States should also be congratulated for having the necessary courage to vote for someone who at the moment is an unknown quantity but has the look and stature of a person who could be a great President. He needs to be, because at the moment his country is like the Alamo with problems on all sides.