By Jason Moore GORDON Brown and other European leaders have won some praise for their crisis management and their efforts to fend off the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression. Unfortunately, Spain´s Rodriguez Zapatero is not a member of this group, infact his popularity has fallen over his handling of the economic crisis. In the Balearics, no-one has a good word to say about him. Zapatero appears to be doing little and the fact that he gets upset when he is not invited to the meetings of the big world leaders just underlines the Spanish snub.

I don´t really care if Zapatero attends world meetings which are just Public Relations stunts and little more. What I would like to hear from Sr. Zapatero is what he is doing to reduce interest rates and try and get Spain on track. So far he has offered to pay part of the mortgage of those who are unemployed. Thanks, what about those who are employed, battling to keep their job in these difficult times and who are paying almost 20 percent more for their mortgage. I understand that people who are without a job need help but he should also spare a thought for those who do have employment but are still struggling. More tax breaks on mortgages would be nice, Sr. Zapatero.