By Jason Moore I just find it rather remarkable that when the government is on a drive for us to spend over Christmas the Palma city council decides to delay the switching on of the Christmas lights. At a time when the High Street is begging for help and trying to catch early Christmas shoppers and the council decides that now is the time to save money, hence the delay.

However, the Christmas lights go on in Palma until, San Sebastian, January 20th, which is stupid. Put them on now to attract shoppers and turn them off on January 7. By January 20th you have already received your credit card bill and you are no longer thinking about spending any money let alone enjoying the Christmas lights, which appears a long way off. Instead of spending less money, the council should be spending more because if we don´t spend this Christmas they will find that they will have very little to spend throughout next year. Come on Palma, make an effort, let us have a good Christmas and at least we´ve got something to look back on when the bills start arriving and the tourists don´t. What about promoting Palma as a getaway destination for Christmas shopping. I am sure that some tourists would come here providing that the shops are open and the lights are on!