By Jason Moore THE peace of the island of calm was shattered on Thursday by an evil attack by terrorists which cost the lives of two young Civil Guardsmen. ETA, the outlawed Basque terrorist group, has threatened to attack Majorca before, but never on this scale. The only way to beat these evil cowards is to try and continue with our normal lives. Palmanova has taken a blow; these cowards had a double motive, they wanted to murder people who serve their country and also bring the tourist industry to its knees. These were their two motives. I would call on all those loyal British tourists who probably love this island as much as many residents here, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us and help us get through this terrible episode. Now, is the time for some Dunkirk spirit. Now, is Majorca´s hour of need and we must try and continue our normal lives while at the same time grieve for the two young officers who died. Thursday was a dark day for Majorca, and it should be remembered as that. But we can´t let these bastards win. They have come to our beautiful island and have tried to destroy all that we hold dear. They are not going to succeed. All I hope is that they are brought to justice soon and made to pay for their evil deeds.