By Jason Moore

AT last someone is taking action against the illegal street parties along the Paseo Maritimo. The hoteliers and business community are threatening to take their business elsewhere if the council fails to take any decisive action. Most weekends large numbers of people gather along the Paseo for binge drinking sessions. Now these so-called parties are illegal but the council has never taken any action against them.

Why? Hundreds of people drinking and revellers along one of the capital´s most beautiful streets is nothing more than an eyesore. Then you must add the hundreds of kilos of rubbish which are left behind every weekend. A major demonstration has been organised for July 19 and hundreds of people are expected to take part. At a time when Majorca´s fortunes as a holiday destination are suffering, it is time for some decisive action. Now, I don´t want to sound like a killjoy but surely these people can go elsewhere, away from one of Palma´s prime tourist spots. The people who take part argue that as drinks are so expensive in bars and clubs they have little option but to bring their own and drink in the street. This is no excuse and it shouldn´t be allowed to affect a fantastic part of Palma. Move on now, because otherwise all will suffer.