By Jason Moore

PRIME Minister David Cameron´s announcement that tourism is vital for the British economy has got the tourist industry talking in Spain especially when the Spanish government has been accused of forgetting tourism. Cameron believes that the tourism millions can help the British economy move out of recession, in Spain the tourism ministry in Madrid has recently been downgraded. Years ago Spain had a tourism ministry which then became part of another department and now it has been merged once again with industry and commerce. Many in tourism in Spain have started to question Prime Minister Zapatero´s commitment to tourism, especially as it is still one of Spain´s principle industries. You would have thought that Spain would have a dedicated Minister for Tourism, but no. I believe that one of the principal reasons that tourism is going elsewhere these days is because of the attitude of some people in government. Tourists will always come to Spain, appears to be the general consensus of opinion. But, they are wrong, to attract tourists you have to work very hard and ensure that resorts and hotels are up to scratch. This is why a dedicated ministry is needed because if you drop your guard holiday makers will just go somewhere else.