By Jason Moore

MANY of the leading tourist resorts across the island are holding “Day of the Tourist” events with live music and much more. I applaud the efforts of the organisers and I would encourage them to do more.

But what amazes me is that the majority of these events are taking place when the summer season is drawing to a close and obviously there are fewer holidaymakers about. Why not have A Day of the Tourist in August, or why not have them every month!! It is a great idea and I know for a fact that they are a source of much enjoyment for visiting tourists. It all helps to make the holidaymaker, our main source of revenue in these islands , feel even more welcome.

A few years ago the Palma city council organised a campaign entitled “A tourist a friend.” The slogan maybe a bit cheesy but it worked and visiting tourists to this day still remember the campaign. I would urge the city council to reintroduce “A tourist, a friend” and encourage more days of the tourist. In these highly competitive times it is vital that holidaymakers feel at home and are given the best possible service. These ideas may belong to another era but they still work today. These ideas are from an era when Majorca was number one and perhaps we should take note now.