By Jason Moore

THE local ministry for tourism is scaling back its tourism promotion campaign involving World number 1 tennis player Rafa Nadal, who is from Manacor. Tourism experts claim that the campaign, which involved Rafa Nadal singing the praises of his home island, has not been a huge success. I have never really understood why successive ministers of tourism have bet on celebrity endorsement as the best way to promote the island.

Hollywood star Michael Douglas, former super-model Claudia Schiffer and now Nadal, have all been involved in promotion campaigns for the Balearics. I remember years ago listening to a British travel expert saying that a promotion campaign by golf legend Severiano Ballesteros for Spain would do little to help bookings because a sizeable number of people in Britain would not know who he was. Perhaps this is a valid point and I would say that the best promotion for the islands continues to be its beaches and its weather. I don´t think the message needs to be over complicated. If you come on holiday to Majorca you are going to a safe destination which is beautiful and has great weather. That should be the message in a nutshell. Anything else and the campaign just becomes far too complicated.