DEAR SIR I was not surprised to read both in the local Majorcan Paper and in the Bulletin, the growth of Chinese Businesses all over the island . This is not only here and on the mainland, also in the UK, but less “visible “ as we are smaller and more concentrated here. The problem here is that competition is almost a dirty word amongst the smaller privately owned establishments , and of course they protest as even in this current recession they seem unable to understand the word competitiveness , and bleat that these shops should be banned! I agree if the goods are sub-standard or dangerous , but a great deal of the goods are European or well known brands , and it is the Chinese family working there who are willing to be “open all hours” I was amused to see the extent of the diversification of these services , as I have spied a Chinese driving school and a hair dresser! However, whilst we are in these hard times every one looks to shop at bargain prices and they are voting with their patronage. Whilst in the U.K. I bought the self same shampoo that I buy here, in the £ shop in Southampton, for a pound, Palma? 3.95, Euros, May be we could do with that sort of competition here?

Chinese Businesses

Yours, Yvonne C.Cotton