By Jason Moore

I have always thought that Europe had a rather over-inflated view of itself. Europeans like to lecture the world. We also think that Europe is the centre of the planet. But while we have been squabbling over the future of the euro and the European Union, a small revolution has been taking place. Brazil now has a bigger economy that Britain. India is rapidly gaining ground and will soon outstrip both Britain and France economically speaking. China will soon be challenging the United States as the world´s economic super-power. The cosy relationship which once existed between the U.S. and Europe, the super-powers of the world has declined. The U.S. is looking elsewhere for new allies with Europe not being as important as it once was.

New countries are starting to take their place at the top table. But in Europe we can´t decide on how to save our single currency. Pro-Europeans dreamed of a European Union which could rival the U.S. as a world super-power. Unfortunately it is probably now too late. By the time Europe finally gets its act together the world will be a far different place. An opportunity lost? Well, ofcourse. Britain and France are going to come under increasing pressure to give up their place on the United Nation´s Security Council and their membership of the G8 could be under threat. Europe needs to embrace the new world and rapidly try and fix its problems otherwise it faces a rather uncertain future in a changing world.