I read with interest the continued debate and discussion on the private rental of villas and apartments. Whilst I do find the high handedness of the Hoteliers hard to grasp, I equally find the attitude of many property owners who seem to think they have gods right to rent their properties, trouser the cash and say everything's alright because the car hire companies and restaurants are doing OK out of it.

I agree with them many who have suggested a regulated market for villas and apartments with owners paying their taxes, having proper insurance and customers having some kind of come back should the accommodation not be as described. I know of many people renting their properties via the internet, banking the rental cash and doing very nicely thank you while castigating the ‘greedy grasping hoteliers' who on the whole pay their vat and taxes and put some money back into the local economy.

A case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black' maybe?
Stephen Cliff
Cala d'Or