by Jason Moore

On Thursday night I was at the Anglican Church in Palma for the welcoming ceremony for our new vicar, David Waller, who has moved to the island with his wife and daughter. It was a lovely ceremony and it struck me how lucky we are to have a beautiful Anglican Church in the centre of Palma. It brought back fond memories for me from my school days on the island. The Anglican Church has always been a focal point for the British communiy on Majorca and luckily this state of affairs will continue now with a new chaplain. I would like to welcome Revd. Waller to the island and wish him every success. He has a tough act to follow. Our last Chaplain, Robert Ellis was well liked and well respected by all. But judging by the warm welcome Revd. Waller received on Thursday night I am sure that the local community will work with our new chaplain to ensure that his stay here is equally sucessful.