by Jason Moore

For a country that prides itself on its wine it is amazing how much restaurants in Majorca are now charging for a bottle. Over recent months I have been watching wine prices in the local restaurants I visit. On average I would say that a bottle of house red is in the region of about 12 euros, which is outrageous. A glass of wine is charged at between 2.5 and three euros. If you go to your local supermarket you can probably buy at least two bottles of a relatively good vintage for 12 euros. In one local supermarket their good hardy red is priced at 2.20 euros! Now, I have also noticed that fewer people are ordering wine with their meal. I don´t think anyone would be surprised when a bottle of wine now costs the same as a main course. Beer and soft drinks are now back in fashion when eating out. This is a great pity when you consider that Majorca is home to some very good vineyards. So why are restaurants trying to cash-in with their expensive wines? I suspect that it is a cunning way of trying to keep food prices low but making up the difference with expensive wine prices. At a time when people are watching their pennies it is incredible that wine should be so expensive. There are some exceptions. A local restaurant I know in Santa Maria charges just seven euros for a bottle of house red. Interestingly enough it is packed at the weekends and everyone is drinking wine (apart from drivers of course!) . I wish other restaurants would take note.