by Jason Moore

There has been plenty of negative comment about Majorca this year (I know, I have been pretty critical as well!). From prices to poor service the island has been criticised on all fronts. But at the end of the day Majorca is a very nice place to visit and live. Why this sudden change of heart? Not, a change of heart at all, I was just thinking the other day that despite all Spain´s economic gloom Majorca is probably still one of the best places to live in the world. A sweeping statement? Well no. Just this month two British multi-millionaires, who could have bought property anywhere in the world, have decided to buy homes on the island. And that is why this island is so special. Of course it could be improved and the local authorities could tackle some of the more pressing problems but Majorca´s climate, good lifestyle and its proximaty to northern Europe means that it will soon pull clear of recession. The rest of Spain? Well that is a completely different matter.