by Jason Moore

Well, that is it! The London Olympics and Paralympics are officially over but let us hope that the legacy continues. For six glorious weeks, Britain basked in the Olympic glow, and the world was watching. For six weeks British athletes showed that they can compete and win against the world´s best. But above all Britain has proved that it can organise the Greatest Show on Earth and it will run like clockwork. The big winner of the London Games has undoubtedly been London's Mayor, Boris Johnson, who along with Prince Harry, is now the most popular person in the country. In true Boris style, he made an outstanding speech yesterday and rather put Prime Minister David Cameron to shame. Boris can make that sort of speech because he is not Prime Minister but I bet some Tory supporters were left wishing that it was Boris in Number 10 and not David Cameron! It seems incredible that just a year ago London was still reeling from the riots and now it has hosted the most successful Olympics ever. I think many doubted that London could host a “good” Olympics let alone an “oustanding” one. So Britain can look back on London 2012 as a moment of joy during years of recession. The Olympics have helped lift the mood of Britain. Now it is the job of the government and many others to try and exploit this feel-good-factor and try and lift the country out of the economic gloom once and for all.