bt Jason Moore

Would the younger members of the Royal family please keep their clothes on to avoid further embarrassment. Perhaps this could be pinned to the notice board at Buckingham Palace! First it was Prince Harry and now the Duchess of Cambridge. When I heard the news yesterday that the Duchess had been photographed topless in France my immediate reaction was that she should have known better. I was not outraged and the money-grabbing French photographers, because after all they were just doing their job however unsavory it may be. Just two weeks after the Prince Harry incident and the Duchess of Cambridge decides to go topless on the terrace of her French holiday home even though Palace security must have realised that the undergrowth overlooking the house was crawling with paparazzi. I am afraid to say I don´t have any sympathy for Catherine Middleton. The Duchess is a beautiful and lovely woman who one day will make a great Queen but she must realise that she will always be in the public eye and should be on her guard at all times. Of course it was an invasion of privacy and I suspect that the legal argument will continue for many weeks to come but the Duchess should not have put herself in this position in the first place. There are no excuses. The Duchess has committed her first big blunder. It is not serious but let us hope that she will learn from her mistake.