by Jason Moore

Finally after months of doom and gloom, there is some good news on the tourist front. It appears that Britain has decided to go on holiday in September this year with many staying at home for the London Olympics. As a direct result hotels in Palmanova and Magalluf are enjoying a late summer boost. Some hotels would have been pondering closing their doors this month but the majority will now be staying open until early next month. It is good news and could help the local economy out of recession. And there is more good news. It appears that finally British airlines have got their act together this year and there are quite a number of flights to London and even Scotland this winter. This will help the island dramatically over the winter period and it could mean that a few more hotels will stay open. All we want now is for the major European tour firms to introduce a winter programme. Now that would be the icing on the cake. No, but back in the real world (!) perhaps the fact that landing fees at Palma airport have been lowered has helped airlines come to their senses. With thousands of holiday home owners living in Britain it is vital that there are direct flights all year around. It could also help the struggling real estate market. I would urge the local authorities to underline the fact that Majorca is open for business during the winter months with a large number of events taking place from parades to the San Sebastian live music concerts.