Oh what wonderful things euphoria and optimism are.
The Bulletin stated on Tuesday that the Summer season was going to extend to the end of October. Wow! the end of October, that long? Does anybody remember when it used to go into November ... and beyond?

And further euphoria - two flights a week each from Bristol and Liverpool to Palma in the winter. Great news, but not so great when you think we had flights seven days a week, with two a day at weekends, from Liverpool not so long ago.

There are 11 easyJet flights to Palma from three UK airports in the first seven days of December this year. There are 41 flights from 11 airports to Alicante and 41 flights from 10 airports to Malaga. I haven't even looked at Ryanair, Thomson, Monarch etc - in fact, I don't want to as it will depress me even more.

Just what is Majorca doing wrong? If only they would get real with the statistics they publish in the local press and tell it as it really is, then the tourism bods might face up the reality of it all.

Poor Andrew Ede is confused by the figures quoted. I know the feeling Andrew, but I stopped taking any notice of them years ago.
And as Mark Twain once wrote: “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies and statistics!” Ian Morrison
Porto Cristo