I have just returned from a trip to the resort of Magalluf to which I am a frequent visitor and have had fantastic holidays on each occasion until now and which has brought me to e mailing yourselves.

On going out in the evening it could not go unnoticed that there were certain women hanging around the streets (prostitutes). I am no prude and know what goes on in the world and believe each to their own. However these women have grown in numbers over the years and basically can be very dangerous. They are more thieves than anything else.

Myself and a friend saw a young lad a bit the worse for wear and had taken himself off to a quiet corner to sleep but only to be attacked by four of these women. My friend and I went over and made out we knew him and wanted to get him back to his hotel. Needless to say we were given a load of abuse and then I was punched in the back of the head. We didn't retaliate as we thought it would make matters worse, plus there more of them than us. We finally got away to find the young lad had been robbed of his wallet.

Now some people who may read this may think more fool them for getting involved which is fair enough but at the time all I thought is that I have a son that age. Most of the lads or men don't ask for this to happen. These women wait for their prey until these lads are too drunk to know what is going on around them and then they get robbed of everything in their pockets.

It seems that the police turn a blind eye although I did witness the Guardia Civil making a few arrests but probably because I as a tourist reported the above event. It certainly is not a good thing for tourism and I for one will not return. It put a damper on the whole holiday.

Leonard Griffiths