by Jason Moore

At a time when one in three children are living in poverty I think it is rather unacceptable for thousands of kilos of grapes to be wasted in the “annual battle of the grape” which takes place every year in Binnisalem. It is also unacceptable that thousands of kilos of tomatoes are quiet literally wasted in a similar “fiesta” on the mainland. Now don´t get me wrong I don´t want to be accused of being a kill joy but throwing good food away is not really appropriate. Now, I am sure that someone will tell me that the grapes used in the “battle” are not fit for human consumption and are of poor quality but this is not really the point. Food is food and it shouldn´t be thrown around for the enjoyment of some. Perhaps Binnisalem might consider making a donation of some of its grapes to the poor? I am sure it would be well received. And continuing with this theme why doesn´t Sa Pobla make more of the fact that it supplies a considerable part of Britain with new potatoes? Where are the farm shops in Sa Pobla? I am sure that the millions of British tourists who come here on holiday would like to know that their favourite spud is actually produced in Majorca. Now, we know that some British tourists do not stray from their traditional diet when they are on holiday so why not push the point that they can enjoy the same potatoes here as they do in Britain? Infact they are grown here. Grapes and potatoes a fine Majorcan combination.