Just got back after two weeks on the island and that makes it over 20 years now and of late it has been 3 times a year, please pass it on to the tourist department that the Sun is the same the world over and not to kill the ‘Golden Goose.' Your island is a very handy, 2 to 3 hrs away form GB but we will only take so much, over taxed and we will stay away and go elsewhere Other countries are fighting for our money and looking around the Cala Dor area the building sites are at a standstill and not about to fire into life with the onset of winter, and there will be no winter jobs for the bar/hotel staff or other Spanish who want at least 5-6 months work a year, we have major problems here as well so the party is over, so let us not forget the old saying be satisfied with half a loaf rather than none at all.

Regards, Austin Morgan. Holywell North Wales