Who on earth came up with the idea of “all inclusive” holidays in Majorca & other holiday destinations? These A/I holidays that provide drink, food & entertainment must be damaging the islands economy!! Many bars, restaurants & tourist attractions must notice the difference since the A/I holiday was introduced. I personally hate A/I as I do not want to remain 24/7 at my chosen hotel, like many holidaymakers do when choosing A/I board basis! They just arrive & depart without seeing anything other than their hotel grounds & a stone heavier after eating & drinking as much as they can during their holiday. How many A/I holidaymakers visit other bars?? Probably very few, when they are getting alcohol provided during their stay, how many eat out? when food is provided & they do not even have to buy snacks or ice cream for their children, therefore saving a lot of money. What about tourist attractions, as very few of these A/I holidaymakers venture further than the local shop! I have been holidaying in Majorca for many years now & find there are still so many places I still haven't seen & choosing A/I would put a stop to any of that. And on my recent visit I noticed that many bars only had 1 or 2 people sitting having a drink, how can these small businesses keep going? The A/I holiday should be stopped, but that's just my opinion. And if all other holiday destinations did the same I bet there would be more holidaymakers going to the bars in the resort they are in, more eating out & more visiting tourist attractions.

I just think the A/I holiday has gone from bad to worse. Stop them now & maybe a small bar or restaurant/cafe will be saved! Regards
Aberdeen, Scotland